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Image of Mind of Civilization

Mind of Civilization

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- Story of the artwork -
"Mind of Civilization was one of my first artworks of pointillism, and was the foundation of my journey as an independent artist. It was created in a time of deep frustration of learning that I had gotten Anxiety. Originally the city on top of the human head was to symbolize the massive amount of overthinking and overly sensitive feelings I was having at the peak of my anxiety. But also to acknowledge and embrace it as an opportunity to be more observant of my surroundings and my own body. The most personal artwork of mine to date."
The face in this artwork was inspired by the two amazing Russian artists of Rotten Fantom, whom inspired me to create within the dark art of Pointillism to begin with. For that I am forever grateful.

- Pressed in very high quality on thick 180g Co2 neutral paper.
- Limited run of 50 prints.
- Hand signed and numbered.

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