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Art by Simon Gardarsson

About the Artist


Art devoted to Nature & Dark Compositions

Born 1995 in Denmark, Icelandic background - Currently living and creating in Aalborg of Northern Denmark.

Pointillism is art drawn with dots, also known as Stippling:
it is therefore a time-consuming and patience-demanding process that requires great accuracy. Applied with ultra-thin ink or acrylic fine liners. Scientific approach, where the artwork when viewed at a distance gives a special sense of depth, light and air. The colors are applied unmixed and dot by dot. An artwork created by Garðarsson takes a minimum of 200+ hours to complete and spans from 2-6 months.

Painter and post-impressionist Georges Seurat, Fr. (1859-1891) is one of the greatest masters of 19th century art and the most important exponent of Pointillism, a style of painting he himself developed. The critic Félix Féneón was the first to use the concept of Pointillism in 1886. Described the artwork La Grande Jatte, 1884.

With deep inspiration in nature as well as the dark and occult, Garðarsson's artworks become a bleak, mysterious and adventurous affair. The artworks usually create a definite mood and atmosphere, which is very much related to the genres of music in which Garðarsson immerses himself in.
Here among the genre Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient, which is instrumental music performed exclusively with synthesizers, the theme of which is most often inspired by the universe of Tolkien.
Garðarsson is therefore also very inspired by this imaginative sound universe, and tries to create the image and feeling you get by hearing these types of genres, which is an atmospheric experience itself. In addition to the musical inspirations, Garðarsson also tries to convert the feeling he himself gets when walking in a desolate and dense forest, imagining all kinds of mystical creatures and strange phenomenons lurking in the shadows.

Garðarsson has drawn his entire life and found his way with the Dark Art of Pointillism in 2016. He has been working in that realm of art ever since and has his own unique style and technique.

Exhibitions and other activities

Garðarsson's debut was in 2017 as an exhibitor at the National Museum in Copenhagen in connection with the Danish book publication 'De Unge Skaber' (Young Creators).

Here he debuted as a published artist to become part of the book publication in 2018. The book was published via the publisher Ordskælv and has received money from the National Art Foundation and others.

Since then, Garðarsson has been featured in several international book publications of great significance. Here his art is published side by side with the biggest artist names in the world, within the Dark Arts.
Current and upcoming book releases are listed further below with publishers.

Garðarsson also has Giclée Art Prints of selected works on display and for sale in the Lövendahl store in Copenhagen, a shop that specializes in Dark Art. Both art, design and living.
Here are well-known artists such as John Kenn Mortensen also represented.


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In addition to exciting exhibitions and book releases, Garðarsson has made album covers for numerous bands and musicians. Mainly for Metal bands and Dungeon Synth projects, which musically reflect Garðarsson's art. Below you find some of them.


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If you want to commission an artwork such as Album Covers, Book Covers etc., feel free to contact me. Then we'll have a chat! If you have questions or anything else art related, feel free to contact me as well.

Entire gallery of artworks and the process of those, can be seen on my Social Media pages.

All original artworks are exhibited at Gallery Jarsbo - Contemporary Art in Aalborg, DK.


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